LaFleur Bath
Bath shower set for deck mounting

LaFleur dominates the game of emotions – and flowers out in an enchanting way. It will impress you with the nonchalance with which it emphasizes its natural charisma. Soft curves, flowing transitions and gently-rounded forms embody sensual beauty – full of charm and grace. The tap demonstrates a presence and radiates a warmth and softness that touches the senses.
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Available in the following colours:
polished chrome

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27 512 955
27 512 955-47champagne
27 512 955-00polished chrome
 Max. hand shower flow 9 l/min
 guide for shower hose
 hand shower with anti-scale system and back flow preventer
 aerator M 21.5 x 1 – male thread
 2x 1/2" x 1/2" x 400 mm high pressure hose
 35° 1/2" x 1/2" nipple for shower
 hole diameter deck valve/hand shower diverter 32 mm
 hole diameter spout 35 mm
 height up to aerator 150 mm
 height of mixer 255 mm
 metal shower hose 2250 mm, chrome-plated, consisting of 1 pc. high pressure hose 500 mm and 1 pc. metal hose 1750 mm with turning cone
 automatic bath/shower pull diverter
 1/2" deck valves with ceramic head parts
 1/2" outlet
 back flow preventer in shower outlet
 pivotable spout 180°
 220 mm projection
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